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Energy Group

This is an IOP special interest group, which is a community of IOP members focused on a particular discipline, application or area of interest. 

Special interest groups allow members to connect and share knowledge and ideas. The IOP funds groups to deliver a range of activities including events, prizes and bursaries. All of our groups are driven by members.  

    About the group

    As a special interest, member-driven group, we are interested in:

    • the efficient use of energy
    • materials for energy applications
    • energy use in the built environment
    • the exploitation of resources for energy use
    • power-generation technologies: conventional, renewable, and nuclear
    • security of supply

    Our members include industrialists and consultants in:

    • renewable sectors 
    • nuclear industries
    • building services
    • gas production

    A third of our members are student and lecturer academics working in physics education.

    What the group does

    Topics examined by our group are:

    • energy efficiency
    • heat pumps
    • offshore wind 
    • solar hydrogen
    • carbon inheritance
    • anaerobic digestion
    • mobility engineering
    • energy management
    • electric vehicle charging
    • geofuels

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    Net Zero in 3 competition

    Explain net zero to high-school students in a video or podcast in just three minutes, in this alternative essay competition from the IOP’s Energy and Environmental Physics groups.

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    Group events

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    Our newsletter includes research summaries, paper reports and news from the physics community.

    Useful links

    Read government proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy in its Clean Growth Strategy (PDF, 5.19MB).

    Committee and contacts

    Chair Dr Andrew Moffat, CPhys MInstP
    Treasurer Dr Dominique Cannavina, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Edmund Bennett, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Francesco Enrichi, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Francisco Cabrera Espana, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Mr Gary Hayes, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Paul Henshall, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Robert Johnston, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Vanesa Magar, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Miss Stacy Snook
    Ordinary Member Mrs Heather Stevenson, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Santanu Ray, MInstP

    Email: [email protected]