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Ricardo award for best paper: Combustion Physics Group

This award is for a:

  • significant technological advance
  • contribution to the advancement of understanding at a fundamental level

Researchers are invited to nominate papers published during either 2021 or 2022. The deadline for nominations is Friday 26 January 2024

The prize is £250 and a certificate.

Peer-reviewed papers by researchers from UK or Irish institutions or organisations are eligible.

Papers with at least one author who is a member of the IOP and Combustion Physics Group but working overseas are also eligible; such nominations should be accompanied by a note of the membership number of the relevant author.

The papers must have been published in an archive journal (including Proc. Combust. Inst.) during 2021 or 2022.

The award is for any field of combustion physics, which includes:

  • diagnostics
  • modelling
  • theories
  • computation
  • measurements

To make a nomination email: [email protected]

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