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Retired members' network

The retired members' network (REMNet) brings together representatives from across the nation and branch community.

The purpose of REMNet

REMNet is formed of representatives from all regional and national branches who want to have a retired member representative.

This network is a place where the representatives come together to discuss issues affecting retired members. It will provide a forum for the representation of retired members across the IOP community.

The forum:

  • is composed of the regional representatives
  • has three centrally elected committee positions
  • meets twice a year to discuss the activities across the regions

REMnet will coordinate and disseminate:

  • good practice across IOP for the benefit of all retired members
  • news specific to retired members

Retired member representatives

Each national or regional branch has the option to elect a retired member representative at the forum. This person is:

  • responsible for promoting and overseeing the organisation of events
  • responsible for ensuring branch events are accessible for retired members in their region
  • the branches’ point of contact for the local retired members

Further details

If you have any questions please email [email protected].