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Professional Registration Adviser Scheme

The Professional Registration Adviser (PRA) Scheme is designed to support members who are in the process of applying for a professional registration with the Institute of Physics. Professional registration advisers are members who serve on the professional registration panels and are trained to provide point-in-time advice on your application.

Find out more about the PRA Scheme for applicants, including how to apply to be matched with an adviser.

Find out more about becoming a professional registration adviser.


About the PRA Scheme

Whilst we encourage members to become professionally registered, we understand that there may be some barriers in doing so. The most common barriers preventing members from applying is a lack of knowledge about the application process and a detailed understanding of the requirements. Our hope is that our professional registration advisers will be able to guide you through this. 

The Professional Registration Advisers (PRA) Scheme was developed in consultation with members and will focus on supporting individuals who are interested in applying for one of our seven registrations (RSciTech, EngTech, RSci, IEng, CSci, CEng, and CPhys), but do not have access to an in-house mentoring programme, or structured support in place.  

Through the PRA Scheme, we aim to minimise barriers in applying for professional registration by providing assurance, advice and support, so you can confidently complete your application. PRAs will review draft application forms, answer questions and address concerns, and identify skills and/or knowledge gaps, if any. 

Find out more about the PRA Scheme for applicants, including how to apply to be matched with an adviser.

Find out more about becoming a professional registration adviser.

Benefits of professional registration

The IOP is passionate about professional registration because we know that it increases members’ confidence, credibility, wellbeing, and professional opportunities. Therefore, it is our aim that all our members become professionally registered.
By becoming professionally registered you are making a bold statement to your employer, colleagues, peers and the wider physics community that you are committed to acting with integrity, behaving ethically, adhering to health and safety protocols, and maintaining and developing your skills and knowledge for the benefit of yourself and others. 

Hear from IOP member Jane Weir CSci CPhys MInstP on the benefits of professional registration: “Having a physics degree and holding chartered status has probably opened a few doors for me. Professional registration gives others confidence in my technical competence. This has been useful in many situations during my career, particularly when I was younger and lacked confidence, as I thought people in my sector wouldn’t expect or want to be led or presented to by a young woman. Being professionally registered has given me the confidence to step up to intimidating sounding roles and manage stakeholders with some sense of credibility.” 

Registrations conferred by the IOP are:  
Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) 
Engineering Technician (EngTech) 
Registered Scientist (RSci) 
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) 
Chartered Scientist (CSci)  
Chartered Engineer (CEng) 
Chartered Physicist (CPhys) 

Professional registration workshops

If you are considering applying for a professional registration, we invite you to attend our professional registration workshops.