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A video message from the President of the IOP

IOP President, Jonathan Flint CBE, delivers a message to members from home.

I want to extend my very best wishes to all of you at this difficult and challenging time. I'm speaking to you from my home in Oxfordshire, in the seventh week of lockdown. I do hope you and your families are coping, staying safe, and finding some positives in this new way of life.

Whilst all of the IOP activities that require face-to-face contact have necessarily been curtailed during the emergency we are fortunate that many of our activities can still be carried out remotely. Last week we successfully completed our IOP Council Meeting via videoconference.

The global impact of and response to the pandemic is having a profound effect right across the world. We are a long way off knowing what the longer-term societal and economic impacts will be. After the immediate health emergency is stabilised, there may be profound changes to the way we lead our lives.

Through my involvement with business, I am acutely aware of the effect that COVID-19 is having on commerce and industry. As the President of the IOP I am similarly aware of the impact felt by you, our members, whatever your sector, location or career stage.

That is why the community consultation, which the IOP is currently undertaking, is so important. We want to hear from you, via our networks, groups and committees, about the physics community’s needs and concerns both in the short and the long term. Learning about these challenges will enable us to identify and address the most pressing issues for physics and physicists.

As your professional body we are determined to do all we can to support you at this time.

For more information on what support is available please visit our COVID-19 member hub and look out for our regular communications.

The IOP, its Council, Executive and our whole team wish you all the very best.