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Keeping our members and staff safe from COVID-19

12 November 2021

An update message to IOP members from the Executive Team

The IOP Executive has just completed a review of our measures to keep staff and members as safe as possible from COVID-19. We carry out these reviews as a minimum every six weeks, or more often if there seems a good reason to do so.

When we do these reviews, we take into account Government guidance, best practice advice, and the most recent scientific thinking on managing the pandemic.

We are very clear that the pandemic is far from over. As we go into winter, with a generally increased rate of respiratory illness and more indoor activity and socialising, we need to remain vigilant against doing anything which might unnecessarily increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

With all this in mind, we confirmed the policy that everyone attending IOP-hosted events should maintain social distancing and should continue to wear face coverings whenever possible. No-one should come into our premises if they feel unwell or have tested positive for COVID-19.

IOP staff and members organising events at third-party venues should seek to ensure these rules apply to these events.

Our policy on face coverings is in line with Government guidance for workplaces which states clearly “people should wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed settings where they come into contact with people they do not normally meet”.

In addition, we are maintaining an increased frequency of cleaning at our London headquarters, and ensuring our ventilation system reaches Health and Safety Executive standards.

We recommend everyone takes all practical steps to protect themselves from COVID-19, including, if possible, having the full course of vaccinations.

The IOP Executive Team