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Information for members and visitors to the IOP as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

26 April 2022

An update for people attending 37 Caledonian Road.



The IOP’s COVID-19 management team has met to review its policies on COVID-19 in the light of the ongoing situation.

The building at 37 Caledonian Road in London is now fully open, including the member lounge and meeting room spaces. (Members wishing to use the member lounge should email [email protected] in advance.)

Our policies for people coming to 37 Caledonian Road are as follows:


It is recommended that visitors take a lateral flow test prior to coming into the building if they are feeling unwell. Please do not attend the office if you test positive for COVID-19, if you have tested positive in the last five days, or if you are in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. 

Social distancing

We are asking people to maintain social distancing of 1m in the building and will be maintaining this across all our meeting rooms. If this is your first time visiting this year, please contact the Facilities team ([email protected]) and they will ensure that you have the relevant safety information.


We are recommending that visitors continue to wear masks as a precaution when social distancing is not possible, for instance during break times at events and when moving around the building.

Meetings and events

As we have said throughout the pandemic, we want all visitors to feel comfortable attending meetings and if they don’t, they should not feel pressured to attend meetings or events face-to-face.

The measures that we currently have in place for events will continue to be maintained both for events at 37 Caledonian Road and in other venues.

These policies will be kept under regular review by the IOP COVID-19 management team.

Please check our events listings of talks delivered via our member community for details of online, in-person and hybrid events.

If you do have a planned visit or event at the IOP building and need to speak to someone about this, please email [email protected] or contact [email protected] for support for events not held at IOP buildings.

As always if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Andrea Barber
Head of People and Organisational Development
Institute of Physics