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COVID-19: latest information for members and visitors to the IOP

22 September 2022

An update for people attending the IOP’s buildings and events.



Earlier this week the Executive Board met to review the current COVID-19 instructions and made the decision to downscale our restrictions in line with the government reducing the Covid alert to the lowest level.

After listening to the feedback from members who have attended our events, along with paying attention to the government, medical and health and safety advice, we will not be removing all the restrictions currently in place.

The feedback told us some members continue to feel cautious about COVID-19 when visiting our buildings or attending IOP events.

We will therefore be making the following changes:

  • No requirements for lateral flow tests to be taken before attending IOP events or offices
  • We ask anyone who has symptoms of any illness, but especially those consistent with Covid, anyone who has been in touch with someone who has Covid or anyone who tests positive for Covid not to attend an event or come into our offices
  • Hand sanitiser will continue to be available when visiting IOP buildings and events
  • Social distancing not required at events across the UK and Ireland
  • Set social distancing to be removed and replaced with reduced meeting room capacity numbers at 37 Caledonian Road to ensure people can maintain a comfortable space in meetings. At 37 Caledonian Road, the meeting room numbers will increase from pandemic levels to as follows:
    1. Theatre – 100 for both rooms
    2. Gallery standing – 120
    3. Council room – 18
    4. Seminar room – 10 boardroom-style
    5. Two seminar rooms joined – 22 boardroom-style
    6. Three seminar rooms joined – 40 theatre-style

With the wellbeing of our members and staff firmly in mind, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation heading into the winter months.

If you do have a planned visit to or event at the IOP building and need to speak to someone about this, please email [email protected] or contact [email protected] for support for events not held at IOP buildings.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

With very best wishes,

Andrea Barber
Head of People and Organisational Development
Institute of Physics