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Teaching resources for Wales

Fun and helpful activities and resources.

Do try this at home! – Dylech wneud hyn gartre!

Marvin and Milo try out a new experiment every month. This is a set of colourful postcards that explore simple but exciting physics.

They are available in English on the IOPSpark website.

And in Welsh on the IOPSpark site.

Careers posters – Posteri

The posters depict physicists in a variety of careers and are available for download in Welsh.

Creative physics activities – Gweithgareddau Ffiseg Creadigol

The Creative Physics Activity Pack contains everything you need to run a set of hands-on and creative craft-based physics activities including making a particle collision mobile, a planet and a galaxy sun-catcher.

These activities can work for a variety of audiences on outreach stands at science fairs, county shows and other similar events.

The leaflets have been translated into Welsh and can be downloaded now.

Galaxies – Galaethau

Taflen Galaethau (PDF, 1.84KB)

Particles – Gronynnau

Taflen Gronynnau (PDF, 3.39KB)

Planets – Planedau

Taflen Planedau (PDF, 2.19KB)