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Nation and Branch committees

Find out more about the IOP Nation and Branch committees.

What do Nation and Branch committees do?

IOP Nation and Branch committees play a valuable role across the UK and Ireland in supporting physics and connecting physicists in national and local communities. Committees deliver activities such as physics talks, public engagement, grant schemes, and visits to support and promote understanding of physics, in line with regional and national needs and supporting IOP strategy, programmes and policy.

What type of role might I be able to have?

Committees are made up of IOP members with specific officer roles such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. There are a number of committee (‘ordinary’) members with areas of responsibility such as inclusion and diversity, public engagement, student engagement, retired members, and talks organiser.

Why should I put myself forward to be part of a committee?

Being on a committee is rewarding and allows you to:

  • play a key role in helping to deliver and influence IOP’s vision to build a thriving, diverse physics community;
  • share your ideas and collaborate with a variety of IOP members;
  • organise engaging activities and events for IOP members and your community;
  • enhance your CV; and
  • increase your profile within the IOP and wider physics community.

You will also receive out-of-pocket expenses, induction training and peer support from committee members in the Nation and Branch network from across the IOP.

What’s the process for joining a committee?

Self-nominations will be invited for vacant special interest group committee positions each year.

Nominations for 2024 are now closed. If more nominations are received than positions available, an election will be held in July 2024. All positions will start on 1 October 2024.