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Institute of Physics Scotland public engagement grant

The IOP Scotland (IOPS) public engagement grant offers up to £2,500 to individuals or organisations based in Scotland for physics-based events and activities.

What we’re looking for

Do you or your organisation want to share the excitement of physics with a wider audience?

The IOPS public engagement grant scheme encourages and supports projects that:

  • raise public awareness of, and engagement with, contemporary physics
  • inspire and enthuse young people, especially those not previously interested in physics
  • reach audiences beyond the classroom and workplace
  • develop the communication skills of those sharing their physics knowledge.

What we offer

Financial support

The IOPS grant scheme gives financial support of up to £2,500 (under exceptional circumstances, and with the appropriate justification, additional financial support may be considered).

Practical support

Help, advice and resources are available from:

Are you eligible?

This grant is available to individuals and organisations to organise physics public engagement activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • members of the Institute of Physics
  • researchers in academia or industry
  • schools, museums, community groups and libraries.

How to apply