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Institute of Physics Scotland public engagement grant

The IOP Scotland (IOPS) public engagement grant offers up to £2,500 to individuals or organisations based in Scotland for physics-based events and activities.

What we’re looking for

The Institute of Physics in Scotland (IOPS) is committed to sharing the exciting discoveries and applications that physics provides for society. Whether it’s exploring strange new planets, revolutionising energy, or harnessing light, we’d like to find new ways to tell these stories in our communities. 

As part of this work, our public engagement grant scheme is designed to provide financial support to physics-based creative projects that reach audiences that might not usually engage with physics in Scotland.

The scheme encourages and supports projects that:

  • raise public awareness of, and engagement with, contemporary physics;
  • inspire and enthuse public audiences, especially those not previously interested in physics;
  • reach young people in under-represented groups, and their influencers, beyond the classroom;
  • develop the science communication skills of physicists; and
  • develop the science confidence of artists, communicators, and community and cultural groups.

What we offer

Financial support

The IOPS grant scheme gives financial support of up to £2,500 (under exceptional circumstances, and with the appropriate justification, additional financial support may be considered).

Practical support

For funded projects, we offer support with both public engagement (for physicists) or with physics (for artists, community groups and science communicators).

Informal advice prior to application can be found from the IOP Scotland team:

Are you eligible?

This grant is available to individuals and organisations to organise physics public engagement activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • members of the Institute of Physics;
  • researchers in academia or industry; and
  • schools, museums, community groups, libraries, artists and science communicators.

How to apply

Complete the application form