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IOP Conferences

The Institute of Physics organises a wide range of events which bring together the community from all geographical areas to share research, support learning and to provide networking opportunities. Our special interest groups support this activity by organising events which span the discipline. All events are open and inclusive.

Find out about our programme of online and planned in-person events.

You can also find out information on registration terms and conditions for virtual, physical and hybrid events and conferences, exhibition and sponsorship terms and conditions, and payment information.

‘On-demand’ service

Our online events and webinars are recorded and available on-demand exclusively for members.

Online events and conferences

Find out more about our online events.

2021 events and conferences

2022 events and conferences

  • IOP PGS Group Conference: Printing for the Future 2022
    20 January 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • Food Physics 2022
    1-2 February 2022, online
  • Advances in Photovoltaics
    23 March 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • Quantum Dot Day
    28 March 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • Magnetism 2022
    28-29 March 2022, University of York, York, UK
  • HEPP & APP Annual Conference 2022
    3-6 April 2022, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, UK
  • 48th Annual Plasma Physics Conference
    11-14 April 2022, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool, UK
  • Institute of Physics UK Nuclear Physics Conference 2022
    20-22 April 2022, University of Surrey, UK
  • Dielectrics 2022
    27-29 April 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • Print in Art, Industry and Science 
    3-4 May 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • 4th International Conference on the History of Physics
    8-10 June 2022, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Plasma Surfaces and Thin Films
    9 June 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • 2022 Training Course on Vacuum System Design and Maintenance (medium-level course)
    14-17 June 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • CMQM (Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials) 2022
    20-22 June 2022, University of Bath, Bath, UK
  • Mayneord-Phillips Educational Programme
    4-6 July 2022, St. Anne’s College, Oxford, UK
  • 7th Superconductivity Group Summer School
    5-8 July 2022, Wolfson College, Oxford, UK
  • Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis
    12-14 July 2022, St. Anne’s College, Oxford, UK
  • CMD-29
    21-26 August 2022, Manchester Central Convention Complex, Manchester, UK
  • Photon 2022
    30 August-2 September 2022, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK
  • International Conference on II-VI Semiconductors and Related Materials
    4-8 September 2022
  • International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (ICMBE) 2022
    4-9 September 2022, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK
  • Physical Aspects of Polymer Science
    7-9 September 2022, Institute of Physics, London, UK
  • Polymer Physics Meeting – Retirement Conference for Dame Athene Donald
    12-13 September 2022, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

2023 events and conferences

  • Physics of Life
    27-30 March 2023, Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate, UK
  • 28th AIRAPT and 59th EHPRG
    23-28 July 2023, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK
  • IOP Electrostatics 2023
    4-7 September 2023, Brunel University Conference Centre, Uxbridge, UK

IOP Conferences guide

The organisation of events forms an integral part of the IOP's goal to promote physics and the groups play a vital role in delivering events which reflect the needs of their community. Find out more about the wide range of event-management services we offer to the IOP groups, both in the UK and Ireland and overseas.

Download the guide (PDF, 124KB)