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Brexit: information for members and the physics community

Welcome to our online hub signposting the physics community to advice and support following Brexit and in light of the UK’s trade deal with the EU. If you have ideas on more ways we can support you in this area, please get in touch.

The UK has left the European Union and the transition period has now ended. A deal between the UK and EU on trade and co-operation has been reached.

Below we offer targeted information on what the agreements between the two parties mean for everyone in the physical sciences, IOP members and non-members alike.

This information looks at how the changes affect employers, workers and students, trade rules, and funding and investment opportunities in our sector.

Working and studying in the EU or UK

All the information you need to continue, or adapt plans for, working, teaching or studying abroad now that freedom of movement between the two parties has ended.  

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The deal established new rules on the trading of goods and services between the UK and EU. What does it mean for physics?

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International funding and collaboration

Up-to-date information on the major EU funding programmes UK researchers can still access post-Brexit.

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The latest government information is available below: