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About the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out expectations of behaviour that the IOP requires to be upheld and which all members are expected to adhere to.

The Code is designed to help support our members professionally and guide them to ensure that our work allows physics to deliver on its exceptional potential to benefit society.

The Code applies to:

  • all grades of membership
  • anyone acting on behalf of or promoting the work of the IOP. This includes our volunteers and anyone who attends our conferences, meetings and events
  • online activity including social media (eg blogs, Twitter, Facebook).

When joining the IOP, all members must agree to uphold the Code and are reminded of their obligations set out in the Charter and Bylaws (PDF, 275KB). Bylaw 15 states that:

“All members shall act in accordance with the Rules of Conduct as published by the Council from time to time and they shall do nothing that may bring the profession of physicist or the Institute into disrepute.”

Members reaffirm their commitment to the Code through the annual renewal of their membership. Additionally, anyone registering to attend an IOP event will have to agree to abide by the Code.

The IOP’s Disciplinary Committee will investigate any alleged breaches and take appropriate action where necessary. 

Read the Code of Conduct