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Business and innovation

OxMet Technologies

Founded in 2017 by University of Oxford researchers, OxMet's mission is to develop, license, and manufacture proprietary alloys, powders and components for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and biomedical markets. OxMet’s ABD® alloys have a wide range of applications, making rockets, planes, and cars more fuel efficient, and reducing medical implant problems.

OxMet Technologies develops proprietary alloys, alloy powders, and alloy components for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, and biomedical markets.

Its alloys could make aeroplanes and cars more efficient, biomedical implants more compatible with the body and consumer goods lighter and stronger.

A piece of OxMet Technologies equipment.

OxMet has also tailored alloys for 3D printing, a new manufacturing platform which will transform industry over the coming decades.

The company has signed its first commercial licence and will be commercialising its alloys and associated capabilities by a combination of licensing and manufacture.

OxMet draws on technology and software developed over two decades by world-renowned researchers at the University of Oxford; a research group which has been heavily industrially funded and is widely recognised as the world’s leading research group in the area of the computational design of nickel superalloys.

Over the past 50 years, the physical and mathematical complexity of advanced alloys has made their development slow, empirical, and expensive – and therefore conservative.

OxMet's ABD® alloys-by-design technology combines physical models based on leading-edge scientific insight, proprietary software and computational power to allow alloy design to be analytical, predictive and fast, reducing development time from years to months.

The company’s research team has industrially tested expertise in the modelling of how alloys behave in manufacturing processes and the engineering design of alloy components, which will allow it to leverage the value it derives from alloy compositions it patents.

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