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Business and innovation

ORCA Computing

ORCA Computing is a UK company developing a completely new approach towards quantum computing. Its quantum memory allows storage and synchronisation of single and entangled photons, enabling the prospects for future high-performance, highly connected and scalable quantum computing.

ORCA has developed a pioneering approach towards quantum computing which will solve the scalability and connectivity challenges that the quantum computing hardware community is currently facing.

Orca Computing equipment.

ORCA's quantum optical memory device allows broadband single photons and multiple entangled photon states to be stored and retrieved on demand within rubidium gas.

The memories' pioneering very low noise makes it suitable for storing quantum information and ORCA has shown how this can be used within low-latency quantum networks and optical quantum processors.

Because ORCA’s architecture relies on far fewer numbers of components, its approach is free to operate within optical fibre rather than the usual choice of silicon. This greatly reduces photon losses which currently challenge the scale-up of alternative photonic-based quantum computing activities.

Working in optical fibre also provides other benefits; allowing a greater degree of connectivity between qubits beyond a 2D nearest neighbour, which will greatly enhance the computer's performance and tolerance towards photon losses and noise.

Fibre is also a cheaper material to research and develop than silicon - no foundries are required and the visible light which is carried by fibre is easier and cheaper to detect.

The management team behind ORCA includes world experts in the field of quantum optics, but also includes individuals with a strong business and industrial track-record.

Together this multidisciplinary team ensures the company is well executed and financed, as well as delivers outstanding science and engineering-based products.

ORCA Computing quantum optical memory device