IOP awards Juno Champion status to physics department at University of Exeter

26 January 2018

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Exeter has been recognised by IOP as a champion in addressing gender equality in physics.

The department has achieved Champion status in the Institute’s Project Juno initiative, which recognises and rewards action to address gender equality in physics and to encourage better practice for all staff.

The aim of Project Juno is to help in working towards an equitable working culture in which all students and staff can achieve their full potential. It involves progress from being a Juno Supporter, through to a Juno Practitioner and then a Juno Champion. There is also now a further stage, the Juno Excellence Programme and Award, in which Juno Champions develop a programme of activities, working with the Institute, to showcase and embed successful and innovative practice nationally.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Exeter joins 18 other physics departments, institutes and organisations that have attained Juno Champion status by embedding the principles of Project Juno and showing how they will continue to implement good practice. The principles cover appointment and selection, career promotion and progression, departmental culture, work allocation and flexible working practices.

Jenni Dyer, IOP’s Head of Diversity, said: “I'm delighted that Exeter physics and astronomy has joined the growing list of Juno Champions. Project Juno supports physics departments to embed equality and the department, in particular the head Professor Nick Stone, has demonstrated that the Juno principles have been incorporated at all levels.”

Professor Nick Stone, the university’s Head of Physics and Astronomy, said: “I am delighted that we have been awarded Juno Champion status. It is great that the department is recognised for all the hard work towards improving the equality and diversity of our culture. The IOP Juno team have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. This has really helped to give us the confidence to follow the actions we identified as important within our department.”

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