IOP asks you to act to stay in touch as new data law comes closer

23 April 2018

In May, new legislation about how organisations use your personal information comes into force. This means we need your support to allow us to keep in touch with you.

IOP asks you to act to stay in touch as new data law comes closer

If you receive newsletters, invitations to events, updates about our policy work, information about volunteering opportunities or other ways you can get involved in the work we do, we need you to take action by responding to an email that will be sent to you over the coming weeks. Even if you are not a member of IOP but you receive communications from us on any of the above topics, you’ll still need to respond to the email if you want to stay up to date with our activities.

Our Marketing Manager, Jo Hunt, explains: “We believe in being open and honest with our members and other users of our services. We strive to provide you with insightful content and relevant news and updates. We hope you find our emails useful. To ensure you continue receiving this information direct to your inbox, all you need to do is respond to the email we will be sending you in the coming weeks.”

Why should I respond?

Keeping in touch with us about our work, events and opportunities helps you stay connected to the physics community. By responding to the email, not only will you be supporting our charitable objectives, you will also continue to benefit from hearing about activities and services that are relevant to you, including, but not limited to:

  • events and conferences designed to inspire, inform and educate
  • reports, briefings and insights on matters affecting the physics community, including education, policy and the economy
  • career development opportunities such as professional registration, volunteering and training
  • grants and funding to support international travel, teacher training and public engagement.

What happens if I don’t respond?

If you choose not to respond to our email before 25 May, we will no longer send you updates about our work, events and opportunities.

If you’re an IOP member, participate in one of our programmes, or use the services we offer, you will continue to receive essential communications from us. For example, if you are an IOP member, we will let you know when your membership is due to be renewed.  However, with very few exceptions such as these, we need you to let us know if you want to continue receiving other updates and communications.

I also receive news and updates from IOP Publishing, will I continue to receive these?

If you receive news and updates from our subsidiary company, IOP Publishing, they will contact you directly by email to ask you whether you wish to continue hearing from them.

If you want to continue hearing from IOP and IOP Publishing, we need you to respond to both emails.

Can I change my mind later?

We want to ensure you hear about the things that matter to you so, if you respond to our email to let us know you would like to continue hearing from us, you are free to change your mind in the future. Whether you want to change the things we tell you about or want to stop hearing from us entirely, just let us know by clicking the unsubscribe link in our emails.

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