IOP to have a share in government fund to support teachers

14 September 2017

The IOP will share in a fund worth almost £17m to provide a support programme for physics teachers, it was announced today.

IOP to have a share in government fund to support teachers


The IOP’s share of the government’s new Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF) will be used for the Future Physics Leaders project to support enhanced subject knowledge for non-specialist teachers, subject leadership and enhanced knowledge for specialist teachers and mentoring for newly-qualified teachers, as well as recruitment. 

Six leading organisations, including the IOP and the Teacher Development Trust, will share in the TLIF, which is a £75 million programme over the next three financial years. The successful organisations – the first to benefit from the TLIF – aim to increase existing teachers’ skills, confidence and knowledge in a range of areas including leadership.

Many of the programmes announced by the secretary of state for education today will also have a focus in the 12 Opportunity Areas, identified as social mobility “cold spots”, announced by the secretary of state for education last year.

IOP head of education, Charles Tracy, said: “The IOP is working to give every student access to a high quality physics education and the opportunity to make well-informed choices about their future career. Many students – including those in priority areas ­miss out on the opportunities that a good physics education provides because they are unable to recruit and retain specialist physics teachers.

“The TLIF represents a much-needed opportunity to develop great teaching and leadership in schools that need stability and support. The Future Physics Leaders project will improve the recruitment and retention of physics teachers in these schools. It will also provide expert training and development for both specialist and non-specialist physics teachers. As well as addressing the national need for physicists and engineers, the project provides an exciting opportunity to improve the educational and physics experience of many thousands of young people.”

The investment in the profession is part of the government’s wider drive to build an education system that creates clear and rewarding career pathways for the people entering and progressing in teaching. It aims to provide support not just in those areas that are already set up to succeed, but in the areas where it is needed most.

All of the bids were subject to a competitive and open bidding process. 

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