IOP Fellow represents the Institute at key international meeting in Tokyo

31 August 2017

IOP Fellow Professor Adrian Podoleanu represented the Institute of Physics at the 24th congress of the International Commission for Optics (ICO), held last week in Tokyo.

IOP fellow represents the Institute at key international meeting in Tokyo
University of Kent

Professor Podoleanu, who is head of the Applied Optics Group at the University of Kent, was there to vote on resolutions on behalf of the UK and Ireland physics community, and to discuss key issues such as the application for the ICO to become a full union member of the International Council for Science, and the ICO Strategic Plan 2017–2020.

The congress, which ran from 21–25 August, attracted around 850 attendees from than 40 countries and almost 700 papers were presented. It is held every three years and the theme for the 24th congress was Science and Society.

Among the invited speakers were IOP Fellow Professor Anatoly Zayats of King’s College London, who spoke on photonic spin-hall effects in plasmonics and metamaterials; and IOP members Dr Matthias Keller of the University of Sussex, who spoke on interfacing ions and photons, and Andrew Horsley of the University of Basel, Switzerland, who spoke on quantum metrology with atoms, NV centres and mechanical oscillators.

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