Jim Al-Khalili interviews Brian Cox on Radio 4

22 September 2014

The IOP Fellows discuss quantum theory, the multiverse and learning to be famous, on BBC Radio 4’s The Life Scientific this Tuesday, 23 September.

Brian Cox cheers on the IOP’s fundraising campaign

In the programme, self-professed “simple-minded Northern bloke” Cox talks about swapping pop stardom for quasars and quarks, and how he sometimes has difficulty crossing the road.

Cox: quantum mechanics in 55 seconds  

Professor Cox, who in 2010 was awarded the IOP’s Kelvin medal for communicating the appeal and excitement of physics to the general public through the broadcast media, also discusses the “challenging” idea that everything is inherently probabilistic, and reveals that, much like Schrödinger’s cat, Brian Cox himself is also simultaneously both alive and dead.

Brian Cox: why many universes makes more sense than one

Jim Al-Khalili is Professor of Physics at the University of Surrey, and has been the presenter of The Life Scientific since 2011. In that same year he was also awarded the IOP's Kelvin medal, for his outstanding work in communicating physics to public audiences face-to-face at numerous public events and through his work as a writer and broadcaster.

The Life Scientific is broadcast on Tuesday 23 September at 9am and repeated at 9.30pm.

Jim Al-Khalili blogs on his own website and at physicsfocus.org.

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