IOP celebrates its Teacher Training Scholars

8 September 2014

A reception including afternoon tea at the Glaziers Hall, London Bridge, and a welcome from the National College for Teaching and Leadership’s chief executive, Charlie Taylor, was held for people starting this autumn as IOP Teacher Training Scholars.

IOP celebrates its Teacher Training Scholars

The scholars are prospective teachers who have been selected by the IOP in a competitive process to receive a scholarship worth £25,000 with mentoring and support during the 2014-15 training year. The IOP awarded 150 scholarships for the coming academic year.

The event on 2 September included welcoming speeches from Taylor and from the IOP’s president Frances Saunders, as well as a practical session and the chance to interact with mentors and other scholars.

Taylor, representing the Department for Education, which funds the programme, congratulated the new scholars and said the organisers were proud of them and were glad that the programme was encouraging more people to become specialist physics teachers. Saunders said it was fantastic that they were becoming the next generation of physics teachers.

During the tea, groups of scholars had the opportunity to meet the programme’s mentors in their region, who will be available to provide advice and support as they train and in their period as newly qualified teachers. After tea the groups tried out the Marvin and Milo “Loud Lollies” physics trick while mentors discussed how they could teach the physics principles involved to students of different ages.

The scholars also heard from the Institute’s head of education, Charles Tracy, and from the IOP’s project manager for the Stimulating Physics Network, David Cameron. He explained how the Stimulating Physics Programme would support them in their teaching and how they would receive mentoring and support during their training. His key message was that the scholars were not alone while they were teaching physics.

At the end of the event, the scholars saw a video of vox pop interviews with newly qualified scholars talking about their experience of training and offering tips to the new cohort.

The IOP’s marketing assistant for teacher recruitment, Jo Keogh, organised the event. She said: “Feedback showed that they really enjoyed the interaction with the mentors and hearing about the support that was on offer. It was such a good opportunity for them to get to know each other. The mentors also found it really encouraging to have the Loud Lollies activity and were glad that the trainees were keen to get involved.”

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