Born Medal and Prize for 2015 goes to Prof. Andrea Cavalleri

10 December 2014

Prof. Andrea Cavalleri has been awarded the 2015 Born Medal and Prize of the IOP and the German Physical Society.

Prof. Andrea Cavalleri

Prof. Cavalleri is to receive the award, which is given for outstanding contributions to physics, for his pioneering studies of the photo-induced phase transition in correlated electronic materials. He is a professor of physics at both the University of Oxford and the University of Hamburg, where he is also managing director of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter.

The silver medal and prize of €3000 will be presented in Germany in March 2015. The award is made in alternate years by one of the two societies to a physicist selected from a list of nominees submitted by the other. It is made in odd-dated years to a physicist based in the UK or Ireland and presented in Germany, and in even-dated years to a physicist based in Germany and presented in the UK or Ireland.

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