Royal Society medals are awarded to IOP members

6 August 2014

IOP fellow Prof. Jeremy Baumberg and affiliate member Prof. John Sutherland have been awarded medals by the Royal Society (RS).

Prof. Jeremy Baumberg
Prof. Jeremy Baumberg

Prof. Baumberg is to receive the Rumford Medal, which is awarded biennially to a scientist working in Europe for an outstandingly important recent discovery in thermal or optical properties of matter and their applications. It was awarded to Prof. Baumberg for “his outstanding creativity in nanophotonics”. The RS goes on to cite his work in “ investigating many ingenious nanostructures, both artificial and natural, to support novel plasmonic phenomena relevant to Raman spectroscopy, solar cell performance and metamaterials applications”.

A fellow of the RS, he is Professor of Nanophotonics and director of the Nanophotonics Centre at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. He received the Mullard Prize of the RS in 2005 and the IOP’s Young Medal in 2013.

Prof. Sutherland, a group leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, is to receive the Darwin Medal for his “novel and convincing work on prebiotic chemistry”.

Both medals will be presented in November at the Anniversary Day of the RS.

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