Hans Bachor receives the Harrie Massey Medal

15 July 2013

Leading Australian physicist Prof. Hans Bachor was presented with the Harrie Massey Medal during a reception at the IOP’s London centre on 10 July.

The medal, which is awarded jointly by the IOP and the Australian Institute of Physics, was presented by the IOP’s president, Prof. Sir Peter Knight.

Prof. Bachor received the medal for his pre-eminent work in the field of quantum optics, “in particular his research on the squeezing of light and quantum noise suppression, and for his commitment to the development of the teaching and public understanding of physics”, his citation says.

Prof. Bachor was awarded the medal in 2010, but plans to present it were thwarted by a strike that affected an airline. Prof. Knight said the reception after a public lecture on Models Behaving Badly was chosen for the presentation “while we have influential people around to recognise Hans’s contribution”. Prof. Bachor had been an undergraduate at Imperial College London’s Blackett Laboratory before having a stellar career in Germany, then in Australia, where he helped to establish the country’s first national facility for quantum optics, Prof. Knight said.

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