Response to the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s 'Tapping all our talents’

10 April 2012

The Institute of Physics (IOP) welcomes the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s report into the loss of women from the science profession.

Report cover

Tapping all our talents – women in STEM: A strategy for Scotland recommends a range of measures to increase both the proportion of women staying in science and the number who rise to senior positions, whether in government, industry or academia.

The IOP, which gave written evidence to the consultation, welcomed the report’s suggestions as positive, proactive and practical.

Frances Ling, IOP Diversity Programme Coordinator, noted that the IOP can be reassured that its own Diversity and Inclusion programme is already undertaking many of the measures that the report recommends for professional bodies.

Frances added, “We are pleased that the report recognises how professional bodies can lead in setting standards for their discipline and help their members.

“For example, IOP’s Project Juno allows university physics departments to examine their working culture with respect to gender and helps them formulate a strategy to improve any areas of weakness. 30 out of 46 UK physics departments are now engaged with Project Juno, including all departments in Scotland.

“We are pleased that the report calls for an integrated, comprehensive and coordinated strategy and recognises that to effect change, the community of key stakeholders - including government, higher education institutes, funders, industry, learned societies and women’s organisations - need to work together on a common programme of action. IOP is keen to share its experiences and work in partnership to overcome the barriers.”

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