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A message from the IOP Council

Over recent weeks there has been some commentary on IOP’s Diversity and Inclusion work. We discussed this at the Council meeting on the 22 of July and reconfirmed the fundamental principles that guide the activities of our organisation to be equality, inclusivity and respect. 

One of the IOP’s core goals has for several years been to make physics more inclusive and to increase the diversity of the UK and Irish physics community at all levels. We acknowledged that the path towards achieving that goal is unacceptably slow. We also recognised that in supporting the UK and Irish physics community in this, we must ensure our own structures, processes and ways of working demonstrate the qualities we would wish to see more widely.

We recognise this is a challenge for the whole physics community and IOP must be a positive leader for change, ensuring that all voices can be heard with equal opportunity and debate occurring within a framework of respect.

Earlier in this, our 100th Anniversary year, we established a Working Group comprising Trustees and the Executive team, to review our governance to ensure we continue to be a modern, responsive organisation of which all our members can be proud. 

The Working Group has drafted terms of reference for this review to ensure it addresses issues of diversity and inclusion as a priority, and does so in a way which is demonstrably inclusive of the views of all our members.

Recognising the importance of these issues, the Council and the Executive team will meet again in August to consider the Working Groups proposals so that we can consult on these with members in September and October. The outcomes of this work will be presented back to Council at its meeting in November to finalise the changes we will put in place. 

Alongside the review the Executive team will set out in greater detail the programmes that we are putting in place to deliver the new strategy and the new funding opportunities which support this.

31 July 2020.