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We hope you’re enjoying your time at university, whether you have just started or are further in your studies and have begun to get a sense of the many places that physics can take you, both personally and professionally. As your journey continues – and throughout your career – we’re here to support your passion for physics, and to help you build the knowledge, skills and contacts you need to excel.

Get ahead with your career

We support our members’ career aspirations and professional development. We also provide a platform for networking and collaborating, where our members can help us shape the future of physics, as we are the voice of the physics community.

Our members work in education, academia, business, and the public sector, using physics and its applications to transform our lives and society.

"I joined the IOP at university to access impressive resources and opportunities available to me as an IOP Associate Member."

Mark Cunningham

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Associate Member

Join the IOP today and become part of our vibrant community pushing boundaries and making a difference. 

The physics community has played a pivotal role in transforming society and continues to be integral to tackling the global issues we face today. The IOP is committed to driving this change by developing a diverse and inclusive community and supporting our members to achieve their goals and shape their career.

IOP Associate Member for undergraduates. We will also support you to:

  • Broaden your knowledge
  • Connect with your community
  • Develop employability skills
  • Get ahead in your career


Per year

Participate in student community events 

Attend coding and other workshops live and via our on demand service 

Keep learning and developing new skills 

Network with peers who can help your career develop 

Keep up to date with the latest physics news 

What you'll need to join...

  • Studying a physics or related qualification at university.
  • Complete a simple online form

Unlocking the potential of physics together

Our ambitious strategy sets out our intention to transform the physics landscape for the UK and Ireland, and ensure a thriving physics ecosystem that will contribute to innovation, discovery, research, growth and debate in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

  • Improving access to physics in the UK, Ireland and further afield​

  • Raising the quality of taught physics degrees through our programme of Accreditation and Recognition​

  • Developing and leading standards of excellence for our community, through professional registration 

  • Celebrating the excellence in physics through our prestigious annual IOP Awards

  • Enhancing physics’ role in building a greener economy​

  • Creating a blueprint for the future of physics R&D to help power the new industrial era​

  • Strengthening connections across the globe to share knowledge and opportunities to collaborate​

"I joined the IOP whilst at university to access the community to meet other students and professionals in physics."

Isha Parviz

IOP resources and activities for undergraduates

IOP resourcces

Introductory guide to resilience and wellbeing for undergraduate physics students

This short guide contains information to help you develop and maintain your resilience and wellbeing. It will support you to deal with setbacks, embrace change and make the most of your time at university.

Access guide

Student engagement programme

University Student Community

Our student engagement programme, in collaboration with partners, will enable you to make the most of your time at university and be better prepared for your next steps. 

University student community

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