How the partnership works

1. The mentee makes contact with the mentor
The first meeting is arranged. This can be face to face, if distance allows, or by telephone or video conferencing.

2. At the first meeting:

  • The agreement (Word, 22 KB) should be downloaded and adapted for the partnership before being signed by both parties.
  • Goals and deadlines having been set, it is up to both the mentee and the mentor to decide how often meetings will take place.
  • It may help at this point to exchange CVs, if this has not already happened, so that each partner knows a little about the other.

3. Three to six months into the partnership:

  • The achievements so far should be reviewed and the goals and deadlines reviewed.
  • It may be that following this intial period you no longer need to meet with such regularity. All this can be discussed and put in the revised agreement.

4. Regular reviews
At least every 6 months achievements, goals and deadlines should be reviewed.

5. Dissolving the partnership
Once the partnership has developed as far as possible both parties should agree to part amicably. Further guidance here.

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