Accreditation of company training schemes (ACTS)

We offer an accreditation system for company training schemes to guide employees aiming to become chartered physicists and engineers.

A note about ACTS

If you are looking to take your first steps on the road to a long and rewarding career in physics or engineering, then a good place to start would be a company graduate training scheme. Designed to provide all the Initial Professional Development that a graduate needs to build upon the competences and knowledge gained throughout their education, a graduate training scheme aims to create a clear pathway for early career physicists and engineers to achieve their full potential.

An Institute of Physics accredited training scheme has been peer-reviewed by a panel of Chartered Physicists and Engineers and certified as providing all the training and opportunities required for a graduate to develop the competences and experience needed to apply for Chartership. This seal of approval demonstrates that the scheme in question:

  • Is focused on developing you as an all-round professional
  • Ensures you develop a wide range of competences/experience
  • Utilises expert benchmarking and the sharing of best practice

For a scheme to qualify for accreditation it needs to offer all the required support for graduates seeking Chartership. It will need to provide each graduate with a suitably trained mentor and a wide range of training and development opportunities, and it will have a strong track record in supporting all round personal development. This results in an organisation-wide culture of development plus the establishment of strong career prospects, whether that’s within the organisation or elsewhere, should you choose to move on.

View a full list of accredited company training schemes.

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Initial Professional Development

A – Knowledge and understanding
B – Design and development of processes, systems, services and products
C – Responsibility, management or leadership
D – Communication and inter-personal skills
E – Professional commitment