Looking Glass: Society - Serious thinking about who and what we are

Looking Glass is a new podcast from the Institute of Physics. In this first series, author and journalist Angela Saini hosts challenging conversations about our society, exploring ideas and innovations across disciplines to create a blueprint for a future world.

Looking Glass: Society - Angela Saini

Series 1: Society

The first series of our new Looking Glass podcast explores some of the most pressing challenges we face as a society – and asks what role physics has to play in solving them.

Host Angela Saini talks to thought leaders and innovators on topics from health inequality to climate change, cancel culture to artificial intelligence to understand the issues and potential solutions.

Launching in IOP’s 100th anniversary year, Looking Glass is also an inquiry into the purpose of a scientific institution in the 21st century, to help us understand how we must evolve to be part of a modern society, and help shape it.

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