Limit Less Careers Week 2021: FAQs

Thinking of signing your students up to Limit Less Careers Week 2021 but want to know more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions then book your class in here

Limit Less Careers Week 1st March to 6th March, 2021

Do you have to sign up to all three sessions?

No, teachers can register for as many sessions or as few sessions as they like. We ask that registering is a commitment to attending the session.

If you sign up to multiple sessions, does the same group of students have to attend all three?

No, different groups of students from multiple classes and year groups can be registered onto each event.

Can you book different numbers of students onto each event?

Yes, booking is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Do bookings have to happen in groups rather than individuals?

Yes, teachers register for the number of people attending in total. Each teacher will receive the event link in the run up to Careers Week to distribute to the students that have been booked.

Is there a limit to the number of students who can participate?

No, however Careers Week events are aimed at years 8 and 9 so we recommend that only students from these years are registered. Each teacher can register up to 50 people per event, which includes all members of staff and students.

Are staff required to attend with students, and if so in what numbers?

The teacher completing the booking will be automatically registered for each event and is expected to attend.

Is there a system for registering those who attend for our attendance monitoring or does our school have to organise this separately?

Your school will need to organise this separately. 

What is the approximate schedule for the events?

The full programme is available on our booking page here

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, the sessions will be recorded and made available on the website!


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