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Girlguiding “I am a physicist” challenge

The IOP East Midlands Branch has teamed up with Girlguiding Nottinghamshire to create the “I am a physicist” challenge, a badge for would-be physicists. 

The ‘I am a physicist’ Girlguiding badge and resource is designed to introduce girls to the fascinating world of physics in a way that is accessible, fun and educational.

The badge is open to all Girlguiding sections with age-appropriate activities from the youngest Rainbow at five to the oldest Ranger at 18. We hope leaders will enjoy the activities too.

The challenge has been completed by more than 30,000 participants across the UK as well as internationally – view where the badges were completed on this map.

The challenge is in four sections:

  • Section 1: Experience
  • Section 2: Create
  • Section 3: Investigate – the physicist performs and explores one of a selection of simple physics experiments
  • Section 4: Meet, visit, community

For more information on the challenge:

If you have questions you can't find the answers to here, please contact us at [email protected].


  1. My group and I have completed the challenge and would like to request some badges.

    Excellent – well done. Please fill in the feedback form and we'll post your badges as soon as we can.

  2. How can I find a physicist to visit the group?

    We recommend asking your girls’ parents if they are, or know any, physicists.

    The following organisations may be able to help you arrange a visit from a physicist:

    Contact the radiology or nuclear medicine department e.g. MRI, ultrasound.

    Contact your local university physics department – many will have an outreach group.

    Your local schools may have a physics department. Contact the physics teachers or technicians.

    Your local IOP branch may be able to help. Email [email protected] stating where you are, the number of girls in the group and some suggested dates for a visit. Also please consider combining with other groups as larger groups will get priority.

    There are several Meet a Physicist videos on our YouTube playlist.

  3. Can you recommend any physics venues to visit?

    All regions
    Please see this map of physics and other science-related places and days out around the country. To add a place or regular event to this map, please email [email protected].