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IOP APP Thesis Prize

  • Nominees will have a PhD in the area of astroparticle physics (both experiment or theory ) from a UK or Irish institution.
  • The PhD needs to have been awarded within two years.

This prize is awarded on even years. The prize is £250 and a certificate. 


  • Two nominators are required.
  • One should be either the student’s supervisor or external examiner.
  • At least one nominator should be a member of the IOP Astroparticle Physics Group.
  • Nominations should include an electronic version of the thesis.



Xin Ran Liu wearing a baseball cap

Xin Ran Liu from University College London for the thesis, Low background techniques for the SuperNEMO experiment.


Bradley Kavanagh

Bradley Kavanagh from the University of Nottingham for the thesis, Confronting Astrophysical Uncertainties in the Direct Detection of Dark Matter.


Lea Reichart

Lea Reichart from the University of Edinburgh for the thesis, The ZEPLIN-III Direct Dark Matter Search: Final Results and Measurements in Support of Next Generation Instruments.


Daniel Hollington

Daniel Hollington from Imperial College London for the thesis, The Charge Management System for LISA and LISA Pathfinder.


Matthew Kauer

Matthew Kauer  from University College London for the thesis, Search for the Double Beta Decay of Zr-96 with NEMO-3 and Calorimeter Development for the SuperNEMO Experiment.


Andrew Tyalor

Andrew Taylor from the University of Oxford for the thesis, The Propagation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays.