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Education and outreach

DfE funding extended for the IOP physics-teaching improvement programme

The Institute of Physics (IOP) is pleased to announce that funding from the Department for Education will continue for 2019/20 for the IOP’s Stimulating Physics Network (SPN) physics-teaching improvement programme.

The SPN programme works intensively to improve two main aspects of physics teaching; ensuring non-specialist science teachers who teach physics receive additional physics-specific support and working to counter the gender biases in physics that contribute to fewer than one-in-four current A-level physics students being female. Robin Griffiths, Head of Programme for the IOP said: “We are thrilled that the IOP has been funded for an unprecedented 11th year, and are excited to be working to improve not just young peoples’ experience of physics but also their awareness of the vast array of options it provides for their future.”
A significant element of the funding will establish a randomised control trial with the objective of improving gender balance in physics. School recruitment for this project will commence in March 2019. Eligible schools will be invited to join the programme via direct mail. To support recruitment, the programme will also be promoted more widely and schools can register their interest at [email protected]

Improving Gender Balance research trial

Work with us to increase the proportion of girls choosing to progress to A-level physics