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Meet the superheroes: Molecule Manipulator

The magnificent Molecule Manipulator can shrink down to the size of atoms! She can then place the atoms exactly where they need to go to make incredible new materials to build things like super-powered computers! 

Maddison Coke, Senior Experimental Officer, University of Manchester, smiling next to physics equipment

Name: Maddison Coke.

Job: Senior Experimental Officer, University of Manchester.

Hobbies: Walking and camping in the countryside with my wife and our two rescue dogs.

How did you get where you are now?
I always found reading and writing difficult at school (I have dyslexia) but I loved science and maths. I ended up studying for a PhD in electronic engineering and now I work in a special laboratory where I create new materials by manipulating atoms!

How does your job help people?
By changing what atoms are in a material, we can create new super-materials that do special jobs! This will mean that we can build incredible new computers that will be faster than ever before.

What’s the best thing about what you do?
In science, things don’t often work out quite the way we expect! I love solving puzzles so it is always exciting to find out what has happened and learn something new.

Maddison Coke superhero avatar illustrating work with atoms