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Sustainable building design

How can we use physics to make buildings more efficient? Find out about some of the technology that helps to make energy-efficient, sustainable buildings.

LED lighting

How can we harness the power of quantum physics to make low-energy lighting? Why did a lightbulb deserve to win a Nobel Prize?

Find out more about LED lighting

Thermal modelling

What is thermal modelling and how can it help us to design sustainable buildings?

Find out more thermal modelling

Blue-green roof

When it rains, where does the water go? How can we prevent cities from getting flooded?

Find out more about blue-green roofs

Solar panels

How do solar panels convert sunlight into electricity? What do you need to keep in mind when designing a solar farm to make it as efficient as possible?

Find out more about solar panels

Ground source heat pump

How can we get free heating for our homes and other buildings? What do a fridge and a warm, comfortable building have in common?

Find out more about ground source heat pumps