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Physics around you

How can physics help us to understand the secrets of the world around us? Find out what exciting physics is around you every day.

Technology in our lives

Technology is all around us and is a fundamental part of our daily lives. But what’s the physics behind the innovations like touch screens and wireless technology that so many of us rely on?

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Understanding our surroundings

How can we use physics to help understand our surroundings? Learn about the physics around you every day and how the IOP’s building in London is contributing to physics research.

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Sustainable building design

How can we use physics to make buildings more efficient? Find out about some of the technology that helps to make energy-efficient, sustainable buildings.

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Staying safe during coronavirus

Regular hand cleaning, routine temperature checks, mask wearing and social distancing have become a feature of everyday life during the pandemic. But how does the physics behind these measures stack up?

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