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Mimi’s Rainbow Adventure: science role models

Meet our inspirational role models from across the physics spectrum.

Red Sky at Night: Meteorology role models

Meteorology is all about studying the weather, and surprisingly has nothing to do with meteors. Not just whether it might rain tomorrow, but all about the atmosphere of the Earth. Our role models work on everything from satellites to studying if too much rain might damage crops.

Meet our Meteorology role models

Why Should I Eat My Carrots? Medical Physics role models

Medical physics uses science to help figure out what is making people ill and how to make them better again. Medical physicists work really closely with doctors, they are often in charge of taking pictures of the inside of our bodies (called scans) and using radiation in hospitals to help treat patients.

Meet our Medical Physics role models

Twinkle Twinkle Yellow Stars: Data Science role models

This is all about working with new technology, information, and computers. Data scientists will often work as part of a team with people with people from lots of different backgrounds, using their skills to help solve a problem or find out something new.

Meet our Data Science role models

Why Is It ‘Green’ Energy? Green Energy role models

How can we generate the electricity we all use every day but without having to burn coal, oil, or gas to do it? Green energy scientists are at work trying to answer this question. They might be working on wind turbines, solar panels, in power stations, or even trying to find out brand new ways to generate electricity.

Meet our Green Energy role models

The Deep Blue Sea: Oceanography role models

Oceanography is the study of the oceans. It’s the currents, tides, waves and even how humans might be affecting the oceans. You are just as likely to find one of our oceanographers on a boat as in a lab!

Meet our Oceanography role models

Ultraviolet and Infrared: Laser Science role models

You might have thought lasers mostly belong in sci-fi films, but the study of lasers is helping people! From new ways to take pictures of the human body to giant lasers that might help us generate electricity or even find out more about the universe, they are crucial.

Meet our Laser Science role models