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Twinkle Twinkle Yellow Stars: Data Science role models

This is all about working with new technology, information, and computers. Data scientists will often work as part of a team with people with people from lots of different backgrounds, using their skills to help solve a problem or find out something new.

A headshot of smiling Beatriz Costa Gomes, Turing Research Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute

Name: Beatriz Costa Gomes.

Job: Turing Research Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute.

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Funny, cheerful and… clumsy!

How did you get to where you are now?
Ever since I remember, I wanted to be a scientist, and work with either computers or brains. Turns out, I could do both! So, my whole career has been in this meeting point: using computers to study biological and medical questions.

What is the best thing about what you do?
I get to learn with all the amazing people that work in the fields that I cross over into. I find myself having the most interesting conversations about any scientific topics – it’s a constant reminder that there is so much still to learn! And the other great thing is that I can work from anywhere in the world!

What are the people you work with like?
The people I work with are incredibly smart. We come from all different kinds of backgrounds, so we have different perspectives towards the same problem. These perspectives make the solutions far more enriched!

A headshot of Rhys Evans, Software Developer at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis with a cosmic background

Name: Rhys Evans.

Job: Software Developer at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA).

Hobbies: Archery, rugby, martial arts, gaming.

How did you get where you are now?
I always enjoyed problem solving, which led me to study mathematical physics at university. While at university I was introduced to coding. When I finished my course, I applied to the computing apprenticeship programme.

How does your job help people?
The services I work on allow data scientists to carry out environmental research. This research is then used in many ways including monitoring and fighting climate change.

What’s the best thing about what you do?
I’m able to work on very interesting projects and get to see my working being used to help the scientific research community.

A headshot of Naaza Zimba, Data Analyst for EssenceMediacom, wearing sunglasses

Name: Naaza Zimba.

Job: Data Analyst for EssenceMediacom, doing marketing for businesses.

Hobbies: Playing piano, football, music, reading and travelling.

How did you get to where you are now?
My journey began at university where I studied physics. Studying physics opens up a lot of opportunities and avenues which can be intimidating but by focusing on what I enjoyed during my degree I found the job best suited to my skill set and passion.

Is your job hard or dangerous or fun?
My job isn’t dangerous, but it is hard – every project feels very new and with it comes new challenges. Depending on what’s been asked for, I often have to research new topics and come up with clever ways to use what I find out to help our business.

What are the people you work with like?
In one word: helpful. The people I work with are all very helpful and experienced at data analysis. This often means I have a lot of colleagues who I can bounce ideas off and ask questions of if I have any issues.

IOP data science role models sticker showing a laptop computer