Do Try This at Home

We want to make it easy for parents and carers to get their children excited about physics. That's why, as part of our Limit Less campaign, we've created Do Try This at Home, a series of fun science experiments for kids, with short demonstration videos and simple, step-by-step instructions. 

We're the Institute of Physics, the professional body and learned society for physics in the UK and Ireland. We work with schools to develop the teaching of physics – and now we want to use our expertise to help you inspire your children at home.

Our crack team of science communicators have filmed short demonstration videos in their kitchens and living rooms, using basic household materials to demonstrate physics in easy-to-replicate ways. Alongside the films, we have step-by-step instructions and explanations of the science behind it all published right here. 

The experiments below have been created as part of our Limit Less campaign, which aims to support young people to change the world and fulfil their potential by doing physics. 


Episode 14: Snowball Slingshot with Imogen and Sam

Learn to make your very own snowball launcher and uncover the science of sending snowballs soaring through the sky.

Episode 13: Bouncing High with Niloufar, Ethan and Jasper

This fun physics trick showcases linear momentum just using a couple of sports balls.

Episode 12: Ping Pong Pick Up with Melissa (and friends)

Create your own picker-upper with an empty plastic bottle and some ping pong balls.

Episode 11: Toilet Roll Solar System with Jenny and her planet-building experts

This physics activity squishes the entire solar system onto a single loo roll.

Episode 10: Vanishing Coin with Taj, Saf and Norah

Amaze your family and make a coin disappear in this fun optical illusion.

Episode 9: Electric Balloons with Lucy

Watch two balloon repel each other and find out why this happens.

Episode 8: Hot Water Rising with Imogen and Sam

 Watch hot water rise above cold using clear bottles and food colouring in this fun physics experiment.

Episode 7: Rocket Balloon with Mikey (and "volunteer")

Watch a balloon rocket across your living room on some string in this fun physics experiment.

Episode 6: Milk Carton Sprinkler with Melissa

Make your own sprinkler using a milk carton and piece of string.

Episode 5: Wobbly Stick with Jenny (and two superheroes)

Challenge your family to a stick-balancing competition in this fun physics experiment.

Episode 4: Reversing Arrow with Taj and Saf

The reversing arrow trick is the perfect optical illusion to perform over a webcam.

Episode 3: Shrinking Coin with Lucy

Make a coin appear to shrink when you pass it through a hole in some paper.

Episode 2: Waterproof Hankie with Imogen and Sam

Find a willing family member who is likely to forgive you as you turn a full glass of water upside down over their head.

Episode 1: Rubber Band Bass Guitar with Mikey

Learn how to make music with just one rubber band.

New! Experiment instruction sheets

Download text versions of the Do Try This At Home experiment videos. Great for the classroom or for home learning, each experiment has clear instructions, illustrations and photos to make it easy to learn and have fun together. Feel free to print and use them individually or enjoy the whole set! 

Download (PDF, 6.51MB)

Winter Activity Pack

For even more to do at home this winter, try our pack. Filled with puzzles, articles, experiments and more, this booklet is designed to get your family excited and curious about the world around them – even when it might be cold, dark and wet outdoors. Perfect for ages 7-11.

Download (PDF, 1.7MB)

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