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Visit to Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge

Anglesey Abbey is a delightful Jacobean house (origins from 1135) which was converted into a family home by Lord Fairhaven in 1926. It houses a lifetime’s collection of furniture, curios from a number of world tours, and magnificent clocks.
The visit will begin with a guided tour of the house – especially the clock collection – and be followed by a lunch in the nearby National Trust restaurant/café.
After lunch, we will have a guided tour of the grounds which include a working water-mill and, what is believed to be, the finest collection of garden statuary in Europe.
On the way out, there is a garden centre with a seasonal collection of plants from the estate.
For those who want to dally, we will be taken to Daniela and Bill’s home just to the north of Cambridge for tea: you can also view a modern armillary sphere from Robert Foster of Ironbridge.

To register and for more details, please contact [email protected] First come first served – only 23 places available!