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The unexpected physics behind a novel carbon capture process

Updated to hybrid event... 

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 Speaker: Paul Willson

  "The unexpected physics behind a novel carbon capture process"


Paul Willson will deliver a 45-minute seminar, introducing the process of carbon capture. He will then examine in more details how understanding some of the challenging physics involved can be used to inform choices in practically realising the concept.

As part of the Physics Student Seminar Series of the University of Chester, Paul Willson will explain, the unexpected physics behind a novel carbon capture process. A Q&A session will follow; questions will be welcomed about career prospects for physicists in carbon capture and the industry. 

This free event is organised by 3rd year student, Ben Atkinson, and supervised by Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos, University of Chester. It is supported by the IOP Merseyside branch, as well as the IOP North Wales and Cheshire Centre, and the faculty of Science and Engineering of the University of Chester. Attendance is free for all and will be hosted at 6:30 pm, lecture theatre CBK011, Binks building, University of Chester 

About the speaker

Paul Willson is managing director and founder of PMW Technology Ltd. He has had an extensive career in the development and application of new technology, taking a series of senior roles in major consultancy companies. He has wide experience of energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects, including responsibility for studies of industrial decarbonisation for BEIS and contributing to earlier UK government carbon capture projects.

Prior to forming PMW technology Paul was Head of Innovation at consultants WSP where he was responsible for the technical and commercial development of process innovations in the power sector. These generated multimillion pound licence fees from their value to large independent power projects. For further information, please have a look at the webpage of PMW Technology Ltd: