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Ultra Lightweight Aircraft

Speaker:  Ray Wilkinson

When thinking about light aircraft, most people would think of two­ and four­seat aircraft like the Cessna and Piper series. However, there’s a complete class of very light aircraft that are fun and economical to fly.

About the Speaker 

Ray Wilkinson was formerly the Head of Aerospace at the University of Hertfordshire, before he retired in 2022. He still teaches a few subjects, based mainly around Pilot Studies. He has been a qualified pilot for almost ten years, and has flown over 900 hours in a variety of aircraft from paragliders to four-seat light aircraft, in the UK, France and Canada.

Part of the IOP London and South East (LSE) region Spring/Summer 2024 Physics Talks Series.

Refreshments will be available from 6pm.

Parking is free around the Lindop Building after 6pm.

Joint lecture with the Institute of Measurement and Control.

The lecture is free and open to all but registration is required. Please contact the organiser to register your interest.