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UK XFEL - an exciting new particle accelerator

Speaker: Paul Aden, UK XFEL Project Manager, STFC Daresbury Lab.

Paul Aden will deliver a 45-minute public seminar, introducing the UK XFEL facility, which is run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). A Q&A Session will follow, which can include questions about career prospects. This is part of the Physics Student Seminar Series of the University of Chester. It is organised by Physics student Nicolas Ishimwe and supervised by Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos. All welcome!

Abstract: X-Ray Free Electron Lasers are a novel new type of particle accelerator able to deliver new insights into material science, chemical processes, life sciences, quantum technologies and much more. Given the wide reaching impacts of such machines the UK is currently undergoing a design study on the possibility of building it’s own multi-billion pound XFEL - UK XFEL. Join us as we’ll delve into the design, construction and implications of such a facility, the challenges ahead and the scientific boundaries that UK XFEL will be aim to push. Don't miss this opportunity to glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as we build the tools of tomorrow and harness their potential to drive a positive change in society.

About the Speaker: Paul, the Project Manager for UK XFEL, has been working at STFC Daresbury Lab for over a decade, predominantly as a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager. In this role, he has successfully led and supervised multidisciplinary teams in the design and delivery of particle accelerators for international collaborations. Most recently Paul was responsible for the delivery of over 85% of the proton accelerator and all of the RF distribution system for Sweden's European Spallation Source. 

Before joining the lab, Paul worked in the private sector manufacturing nanomechanical hardness testers, primarily in vacuum, high temperature systems for use on various surface coatings. He holds a Ph.D. in RF Plasma Modification of Carbon Nanotubes, and a BEng in Electrical Engineering, bringing a broad variety of experience to the UK XFEL project. Outside of work Paul has been the top ranked go-karting champion in the Aden household for an impressive thirteen years, opting not to partake in any races since securing the trophy in 2011.

Please register for online and in-person attendance. The Microsoft teams link will be shared before the date via email