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Teaching Computers to Study the Stars

Speaker: Dr Ashley Spindler, University of Hertfordshire

The next generation of astronomy is upon us, with the JWST collecting data and the Vera Rubin Observatory imminent. Astronomers, therefore, are faced with a huge problem: data. With hundreds of petabytes of images to search through, AI is becoming the go to tool for tackling the big data challenges. From scanning the skies for new objects to classifying properties of distant galaxies, this talk will show you the how, and why, of AI in Astronomy.

Part of the IOP London and South East (LSE) region autumn/winter 2023/24 Physics Talks Series.

Tea/coffee served from 6-6.30pm.

Lecture starts: 6.30pm for 1hr (with 15mins for questions)

This event is now full - registrations are closed