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Start-Up Fundraising - Quantum Investor & Founder share their experience

If you’re a tech-based company looking to take new innovations to market and seeking investment, then don’t miss out on this IOP Business Briefing workshop with Quantum Exponential & their recent investee Siloton.

Quantum Exponential is assembling a portfolio of potential investments in leading Quantum technology companies around the world, and has a team of experts with unparalleled market knowledge and access so as to establish, maintain and keep developing a global lead in Quantum portfolio management.

Join them on 14 June to learn more about:

  • The investment process in tech-based companies – a candid guide through their recent deal from both the investor [if more detail helpful] & the entrepreneur covering:
    • How they found out about each other
    • Meetings and information exchange
    • Negotiations
    • Other people involved in the transaction
    • What they were thinking at different stages
    • How they were feeling during the process
    • What is next for them
  • Additional networking support through a new IOP Special Interest Group
  • The launch of a new annual prize fund to support quantum start-up businesses