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Silicon Quantum Information Processing 2022

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Silicon Quantum Information Processing (QIP) is highly appealing due to excellent spin qubit performances and the expertise of the integrated circuit industry in device scaling. Demonstrations of long-lived, high-fidelity silicon qubits, multi-qubit gates and spin–photon coupling, are promising for the control and interconnect of QIP architectures. Recently, spin qubits in related semiconductors (e.g. germanium) have also emerged as promising implementations of scalable quantum hardware. The formidable challenge of scaling these systems to the level required for meaningful computational applications has also brought to the fore the need for robust cryo-CMOS electronics, which will enable fast control and data processing, as well as schemes to correct errors and protect against decoherence. This meeting will bring together leading researchers from the QIP communities of silicon and related semiconductors, as well as cryo-CMOS designers and engineers who are working at different layers of the “quantum stack”.