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Illustration of massive bodies warping spacetime.

Speaker: Danny Thomas 

The proof for many scientific theories can be found out in the universe and this is particularly true of Einstein’s theories of relativity. A key aim for this talk on Special and General Relativity is to explain the theories in a logical way to make the fundamentals accessible to a wide audience. The talk using animations and graphics to explain the concepts avoiding complex maths and the often confusing paradoxes that arise from travelling close to light speed. No prior knowledge is required for this talk which will explain how we all experience relativity every day! 

About the Speaker

Danny Thomas was a child of the Apollo missions and developed an early interest in space, astronomy and science, which led to a degree in Physics from Nottingham University in the 1980s. Over the years, he has maintained his interest in astronomy and physics, combining them in talks to astronomy societies and other interested groups.

Refreshments will be available from 18.30

The lecture is free and open to all, registration is not required. For further information, please contact the organiser.