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Reactor Physics Technical Forum

The UK Nuclear Industry is becoming increasingly diverse, with knowledge in reactor physics spread across a number of organisations. These organisations include operators such as EDF, HPC, SZC, MoD and RR subs, reactor designers such as RR SMR, NNL, UK and overseas ANT vendors, consultancies and universities, and also nuclear software developers such as Jacobs ANSWERS, as well as organisations supporting the UK Government. 

The area has been recognised as a scarce skillset, and there is also a lack of experimental validation facilities in the UK. Some of the technologies require more challenging physics and computational needs. 

The aim of this forum is to strengthen links in reactor physics across the nuclear industry and foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange. This forum will also provide a more coherent voice with adjacent areas as thermal hydraulics, fuel performance, fault studies, nuclear data, criticality, shielding and neutron detectors. There is also a potential increased need to consider reactor physics for design and operations, for example, the work necessary to develop commercial core design software.